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It's Been Too Long

Angel:  Wow!  It's been so long since Mom has written on this journal.  The last post was last year!  Well, I'm new and Liz and Tinea' are the newest EW dolls this year.

Here's our pic....


It's really been a long time

Wow, it's been so long since I've posted here.  I've had a lot of dolly changes.  New dolls coming to live here and some old ones gone to live with others.  I do miss writing here and I've always had alot of fun.  Anyway, I've got a blogger now called Luv My Dollz.  It first started out as just a blogger for Ellowyne Wilde, but because I have other dolls I didn't think it was fair.  So, I changed the name and now I can post pics of all the dolls that I love!  But sometimes, it's nice to come back here 'cause this is where my dollz get to chat.  So, here's everybody!

Brianna:   Since Mom's last post, it was only me and Brittany.  Now there are ten of us!!  I'll just give you all of their names - new and changed.  After me came Solitary Sojurn aka Patience, Always Playing Solitare aka Solange', Alone on Sunday aka Alina, Wit's End aka Wilhemina, Save Me aka Savannah, Feeling Drained aka Fatima, Ellowyne Essential Three aka Eleanor, and last but not least Invisible Ink aka Indirah.

Brittany:  And Mom kept her promise and only kept ten of us.  But of course, this always happens - Mom fell in love with another gal named Delilah Noir.  She is a sweet gal and very photogenic.  Here's some pics of all us individually of course!

Brianna:  Here I am, the first!! I started everything!  I'm the first and certainly not the last!  Mom's putting all of our pics on here, so here's Brittany!

Brittany:  Here I am!  This is my spotlight pose on Mom's Ellowyne boardhost.  Everyone loved my photo shot!  Ok, NEXT!  Solange' is next.  Here she is.....

Solange':  Here I am wearing a new outfit from Jade Penni Creations.  Mom buys alot of clothes for us.  I think we have more clothes than any other doll she owned!  Wow!  Mom truly loves us the best.  We've lived with Mom for about two years now and so far she has no intention on giving us up!  WE LOVE YOU MOM!  :D

Patience:  Hello everybody!  I'm Solitary Sojurn - Mom didn't give me a name based on my title - I have a totally different name like Brianna.  I guess I just looked patient to Mom and that's how I got my name!  I really live up to my name too 'cause I'm usually dressed last.  But it's okay, I don't mind because that means Mom is gonna hook me up!!  NEXT!

Savannah:  Hello!  My name is Save Me - so my new name is Savannah.  That's how Mom keeps track of everybody's name by giving our new names close to our title.  I'm also quiet and patient like Patience.  I'm finally in an outfit that shows off my potential!   This outfit was made by Mom's bestest friend Maggie and Kate.  These ladies are a Mother and Daughter team and they handknit the most beautiful outfits.  Their ebay store is Maggie and Kate Create also known as signs_4_u.  This is my casual style - usually I'm dressed up and these colors are ROCKIN me up!!  Woo hoo!!  NEXT!!

Alina:  My title is Alone on Sunday.  I'm not though 'cause I got all of my sisters with me!! LOL!  I'm the red headed gal!!  I usually have alot of spirit and spunk!!  Mom use to have this thing about dolls with my color hair, but I see now that has changed since we've all come to live with her.  I don't mind, as long as Mom loves us best.  NEXT!

Wilhemina:  Hi everyone!  I'm at Wit's End!  I'm not though at wit's end - LOL!  I'm the gal with the glass eyes and now Mom wants everyone to have these eyes.  It's what makes us look so REAL.  I am also a partial repainted gal done up by Bev of enchantedd.  Mom was perusing ebay (like she always does) and found me!  I was and am looking so gorgeous at the time (I'm not truly stuck on myself - I just know that I look good!! :p)  and she had to have me, so here I am!  This is another jade penni creation that I'm wearing and it's showing off my potential.  :D  NEXT!

Fatima:  Hey everybody!  I'm Feeling Drained - not really, but aka Fatima.  I'm also a partial repaint from Bev - she did my lips!  I'm also a wiggy doll meaning that I can always change my looks wearing different colored wigs.  Mom loves me in this do the best!  I'm also very photogenic - well we all are.  I just stand out more!  tee hee hee  NEXT!

Indirah:  Hello!  I'm Invisible Ink aka Indirah.  Check out my pose!  I just recently got a hair cut - but alas it didn't matter 'cause I'm still gorgeous!  Actually we're all quite gorgeous!!  NEXT!!

Eleanor:  Ellowyne Essential Three Wigged Doll - yes I'm another wigged doll.  Which is really cool in itself 'cause Mom doesn't have any blonde haired dolls well unless you count those little dolls!!

Kennedy:  I hate when you call us that!  We are not little - we're just right!  Here's our picture!

From the left:  Nolee, Chelsea, Kenzie, Madison, Kennedy, Babs and Jai  looking fabulous!!  NEXT!  Nolee:  Ahem, ah there is no next oops I'm sorry Delilah I forgot about you!  Here's Delilah Noir....

She's Pretty in Pink!  Delilah:  Hi everybody!  I'm so glad Mom didn't forget about me!

Well, to be perfectly honest - I do have one more......actually I have a couple of more dolls that I would like:  Robert Tonner is making an AA doll friend for Ellowyne (so you know I want her - she's coming out in January) giving me time to save up some dolly funds!  Plus I would like to get Evangeline and her man Mortimer.  I saw some pics of them and I'm quite intriqued about adding these dolls to my family.

Well this is all for now, as it is getting a bit late in the morning.  (2:17 am)  And I must get some sleep.  Enjoy these posts!  Hopefully more to come!  Lata!   Good bye (from all the dolls)!

New Dolls in Town

Antoinette:   Wow....I thought I was the spoiled one and now we have two spoiled young ladies!  How'd that happened?

Camille:  They are not spoiled!  You're the one who thought she was the better doll.  Now you've been ousted by two dolls.

Nadirah:  Look, it's just like when we all first came to live here - the new doll(s)  always gets the new outfits, lots of photo shoots and all the attention.  That's just the way things are.  Get over it!

Brianna:  Hey, don't hate me cause I'm beautiful!  We're all in the same boat.  As soon as Mom gets another one of us, the whole thing will start all over again.  That's the way of the new doll!  Just enjoy and live in the moment!

Brittany:  That's right!

Here Here..... pictures of all my favorite dolls!  That means everyone!

  Brianna Browne formerly Ellowyne Wilde Essentials Redhead.  Joined the household in November, 2010

                                 Posing and showing off her different looks!

 B/W shot...             Green looks good on me!

  Nadirah:  Here I am with Brianna! 'nother pose!

    Lana:  Hey, we're not forgotten!  We even got a new outfit!  Aren't we scrumptious?!

                                     Here's the my scene gals who started it all and Exotica (burgundy)!  All the dollz are here!

                         All the E girls are in the house!  Woo hoo!!

  All my dollz are loved by me!  Pictures of everyone in the hizz;ouse!! (Broken language here!)

        more my scene gals and a Momoko to boot!  How precious!

              Brianna wears an original EW outfit!   

Check out this gal!  Also arrived in November, 2010 is Brittany Browne formerly known as Baroque N Dreams!  You gotta love these names!

Brittany:  Here I am sitting all alone in my brown dress...sigh.

                                Brittany:  Mom decided it was time to get away from all those red-headed dolls and get a dark haired one - like me!  Little did she know, she was going to fall in love with me so fast and so hard!

Brittany:  I'm not conceited but, the others are all forgotten now!  Check out my photo shoot!  I'm the new girl in town!

                                                Brittany:  Here I am looking so relaxed.   Ahhh, glad to get out of that other outfit.  It was nice, but this one's better.  So calm and at peace.  Now for some of my poses, check me out....... and here.......

            I believe this is when Mom really fell for me!

                                      I'm the brown haired beauty...tee hee hee  I'm only kidding!  Thought I was getting spoiled huh?  Nope not me!  I'm just playin around.  I know that Mom loves all the dolls she gets.  It just my turn for pictures.  More to come!

It's just like when the Croft ladies came to live here....Mom bought all their clothes and took photo shoots of them as well!  She does that with all the dollz!  Right, Mom?  Yes Brittany, that's what I do.  Just want all my ladies to look gorgeous so I can show you all off!  :D

                                                         Group photo!

 Brittany:  Now here's my first photo shoot.  Enjoy!

I'm just chillin!

                               Brittany:  Mom has great taste in clothing.  This outfit is perfect on me!                                                                 


          This picture's on Mom's desktop of her laptop.  It 's her favorite picture.  Mine too!  :D    

All for now!  Enjoy!  There's more to come!  Have a wonderful weekend and fantastic Turkey Day!


Just to say Hi!

 Antoinette:   Hmm, I guess we're never going out again.  sigh....I wish Mom was better.  I really wanted to show off my outfit and now it looks like I never will.  Funny, ever since these Cami girls showed up, I'm not the favorite anymore.  sigh....

Camille:  (talking to Lara)  Is she always like this?  Only caring for others for a hot minute and then back to herself.  Wow.. that is so messed up!  I love being here with you guys and Mom.  I know that she loves us as well as loving everyone else.  Mom's even got out photos in an album that she shows off at work.

Lara:  I know sweetie.  That's just how Mom is...she gets a new doll, they get all the attention (because they're new) and then you're added in the group of "Luving my dollz"!  As you know Mom doesn't get alot of time to play with us, but when she does - look out!  As you well know, you got 100 pics after the second or third photo shoot.  I don't think I got that many!  Mind you, I'm not jealous - but my time comes when Mom is in the mood.  I can tell our time is coming for some photo shoots - just waiting for the right day and the weather.

Camille:  How right you are, I mean, after all, I got a new outfit and I'm representing Breast Cancer month.  Every time one of us wears this outfit, it will serve as a reminder about breast cancer.  I love it!  It goes so well with my colouring.  I'm glad that Mom makes jewelry because we always get some accessories to match our outfits.,  I know pics are coming... I can feel it!!

Nadirah:  Uh oh, looks like Mom's having some problems with her photo creations.  Might be a  problem.  I know she'll get it fixed - definitely not now cause she's has to go to bed.  But real soon.....real soon.  Nighty nite


Nadirah's Photo Shoot

Finally I'm able to get on and post pics of my Nadirah doll....whew.  I hope this battery holds up...so here goes!

 I so love this doll!  Here's more pics!  

                          just relaxin and maxin!  Outfit by JadePenniCreations - I love this lady, she makes really nice and casual outfits just for my dolls.  sigh.....





                               she's so versatile!                      Sisters 4 ever!



It has been so long since I've posted here.   The last post was in April 2010 - I was so tired I only managed to put three pics up.  sigh...  Anyway, I've got tons of pics..alas they're all on my laptop.  Bought two new young ladies - Nadirah and Camille.  Robert Tonner's new line the Cami dolls!  They are so gorgeous!  Of course you can view them on facebook - look for them at luvmydollz and you'll see some of their pics there. 

Whew, just finished looking at some of those "Sisters in Style" dolls - they're the latest rage amongst the barbie players.  I am so tempted, but I'm trying to steer clear.  I know that eventually I'll be breaking down and buying these dolls on the next doll outing I go to.  Luckily, winter is coming and the days get dark early.  One day I'm going to sneak a trip to Toys r Us in the boogie down and see what's cookin!

In the meantime, whoever's still checking me out...until next time!  Dolly lover - that's me!  Always and forever loving my dollz!   Peace out and God Bless.


Was just re-reading some posts.  I forgot to mention that I sold the rest of my 12" dolls.  They've gone to new homes and I hope will be much happier.  The following dolls who have been sold are:  Aria, Francisco, Bodacious, Nichelle, Mbili, RuPaul, Kyori and Natalia.  It wasn't fair to keep them when I had no intentions of playing with them. 

Dolly Outing 4 17 10

Here's the rest of the pics from our doll outing on April 17, 2010.  I was so pooped that day that I only managed to stay awake for an hour after I got home!   LOL!  Here's the pics, enjoy!

left; Kenzie, Delancey and Nolee





Dolly Outing 4 17 10

 Saturday, April 17, 2010 was a cold and rainy day.  My friends and I met up early at Penn Station to attend the annual doll show in Rockville Centre, NY.  The show in itself was very boring - most of the dolls being sold were Barbie and perhaps a few were FR.  I brought my gals and guy with me so we can have a photo shoot.  Here's some pics now and more I'll post later.  Nolee with her new bod!

Nolee with her new bod!

Well, this is all for now.  Gotta go to bed!  More pics later on this week!  Enjoy!

Doll Outing

RaiChelle:  Hmph!  I thought we were going out yesterday!

Jacqulyn:   Nope, it's this weekend coming up.

Esme':  We're going out next weekend - the 12 inches were supposed to go out yesterday.  It was a Bartbie celebration at FAO.

Russell:  Well I'm looking forward to going out - I have to show off my stuff!

Emma:  Hmph, (whispering) what stuff is he talking about?  Yeah, well, we're not coming out.

Alright people, I gotta go and help the husband - so y'all can chat later.

Just updates

Oh my goodness!  I cannot wait till April!   My mind is boggling!  I'm telling everyone who's going to the doll show that we must get there early - before they start!!  I must get these new dolls and those outfits are to die for!!  I did want an Ellowyne doll but after seeing the new Tonner dolls - Cami and Jon basic dolls, YOU KNOW I HAVE TO HAVE THEM!!  Besides with those two coming maybe Ms. Thing will come down some pegs - she's just too stuck on herself!  She needs some competition!

Antoinette:      Competition, huh?  There's no comparison to my beauty - I am the above all and end all to all things dolly!  No one can compete with me - I am the one and only!!

Jacqueline:   Oh, puhleeze shut up!  I can't take it anymore!!  I can't wait til April myself to welcome these new dolls to our group - finally someone to shut you down! 

Emma:   Jackie, please don't be so harsh on her - you know how she thinks.  She can't help herself.  Of course, if she remembered her beginnings I bet she wouldn't be so self-centered.

Jacqueline:  sigh....you're so right.  I wish Mom would post pics of the new gals coming - I'm so excited!!  At least she hasn't forgotten us.  Oh, I wonder who she's bringing to their dolly dinner?  I would love to go 'cause I haven't been out yet.  I wonder what shall I wear?  Probably something casual but elegant.

Friday:  When is that event?

Jacqueline:  I heard it's on Saturday, March 13th.  I know Mom's not bringing everybody - maybe four of us can go and maybe some of the little dolls want to come along.

Exotica:  Hey!  Don't call me a little doll!  I'm still 12" tall ya know!!  I haven't been out since the doll show two years ago - she'll probably bring Bodacious since she's new to the gang.

Exotica is wearing the black pants suit and Bodacious is next to her on the right.

Bodacious:  I wonder if we'll get any more new clothing.

Exotica:  I don't think so, Mom's already got more than enough outfits for us.  It's just deciding what to put on and then she's got to find all the accessories to go with them.

Aria:  I wonder if I'm going out.  I haven't been out at all - at least not since I came home two years ago.  I haven't seen the outside world in two years - gasp!  I should get a new outfit, this outfit is nice but it doesn't show off my features as it should.

RuPaul:  oh no - not another stuck on herself doll!  I can't take too much of these dolls - I got a headache!

Mbili:  Well, I'd like to go out myself.  I haven't been out at all!  Nichelle you must come too!

Nichelle:  okay.  I'll come too!  I can't wait till the summer time comes - maybe this year we'll all go out!  I know Mom was thinking about taking us out but without the bigger dolls 'cause they're too heavy to carry around.  The last time Mom went out and brought most of them with her, they wore her out!

ahem....I'm bringing Russell, Jacqueline, Emma, RaiChelle, Exotica, Bodacious, RuPaul, Momoko, Aria, Natalia, Mbili and Nichelle.  oh and Antoinette.  I think I need a cart!

All for now!  Gotta go play some video game and then go to sleep!  Nite everyone - muuah!